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August 6, 2016
Sedgwick, Maine



Blue Hill Peninsula is a beautifully quiet and off-the-beaten track bit of coastal Maine, and it is an area that we were fascinated with well before our first visit in August of 2015. We first learned of the area through the writings of Hellen and Scott Nearing, who homesteaded in the area in the 1950s and who appreciated the area for it's bucolic landscape of farmlands and meadows meeting the sea as much as for the pioneering can-do attitude of it's residents. Our interest in visiting the area grew when we learned that Elliot Coleman settled down the street from the Nearings, and that the area has become a  growing nexus of the four-season organic agriculture movement. On our departure from Seattle, our dear friends John and Katy Yu gave us the gift of One Man's Meat, written by EB White after he settled on Blue Hill. His verses gave life to a type of landscape and lifestyle we both found intimately appealing, and introduced us to the vibrant literary history of the area. 

On our visit last year to Blue Hill and the neighboring peninsula of Acadia National Park, we surprised ourselves by musing out loud, "what if we got married here?" Months later while at school at the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship and brainstorming possible wedding locations, Heide befriended a Blue Hill native, who told her fond recollections of summer gatherings at Edgehill farm, where generations of locals have met, married, and celebrated. Our choice quickly became clear. 

We look forward to seeing you there, and are so grateful that you, too, will have the opportunity to experience this special place as together we celebrate the next phase of our lives. 


We have compiled a select list of accommodations to get you started thinking about your trip to Maine. Blue Hill has a limited number of hotels and BnBs available to chose from, so if you would like to stay close to Edgehill we recommend you book your accommodations soon. That being said, there are some great spots to chose from (many beyond the list provided here) and if you are interested in staying in an AirBnB or VRBO home, there is a much wider selection to choose from. There is also the option to stay the nearby Acadia National Park, which has a very large number of hotel and camping options available. And don't forget: we invite anyone who is interested to camp at Edgehill on the night of our wedding!



  • Deer Isle Hostel
    A short drive from Edgehill, this hostel is a unique housing option for a bit of local flavor. A small self-sufficient homestead, this hostel offers communal meals, work-exchange options, an outdoor shower, and housing that ranges from dorm-style accommodations to a private woodland cabin.
  • Blue Hill Inn
    For an experience of the area's small-town life, Blue Hill Inn is a nice choice because it is located in downtown Blue Hill. This town is close to Edgehill and features a number of restaurants and galleries.
  • The Lookout
    Waterfront accommodations close to Edgehill, with views of Penobscot Bay and an in-house restaurant.
  • Hiram Blake Camp
    Luxury cottages for weekly rental off the coast of Cape Rosier, about 30 minutes from Edghill.
  • Boyce's
    A small, inexpensive motel located in the fishing village of Stonington, a short drive from Edgehill. 


Both AirBnB and VRBO have a surprisingly wide range of rentals available on Blue Hill. Local town names to search include: Sedgewick, Brooklin, Blue Hill, Deer Isle, Penobscot, and Brooksville.



  • Oceanfront Camping at Reach Knolls
    This is where we camped on our visit to the peninsula, and, frankly, as a campground it leaves much to be desired. But the location is lovely, the price is right, and it is very close to Edgehill: 10 minutes by car or 30 minutes by bicycle.
  • Old Quarry Ocean Adventures
    Over the bridge on Deer Isle, but only about 20 minutes from Edgehill. Camping, kayak rental, and boat tours.
  • Acadia National Park
    Maine's only national park, Acadia is definitely worth a visit when you are in the area. There are a large number of both private and park camping option on the peninsula, the closest about an hour's drive from Edgehill.


There are plenty of places to visit on or near Blue Hill Peninsula, as well as in the Down East area of Maine. We hope this list will get you excited to explore, and help you better understand why we chose this place.

  • The Good Life Center
    The late Helen and Scott Nearing's historic homestead, which is now run as an educational and events center. 
  • Four Season Farm
    Elliot Coleman and Barbara Damrosch's groundbreaking, experimental organic farm, where they have lived while authoring The New Organic Grower, Four Season Harvest, and the Winter Harvest Handbook. 

  • The Wooden Boat School
    Located in nearby Brooklin, this school offers short courses on everything from traditional kayak and boatbuilding techniques to the arts of marine navigation and photography.

  • Haystack Mountain School of Crafts
    Haystack is located on Deer Isle and offers one and two-week workshops in a range of disciplines, including woodworking, blacksmithing, weaving, and ceramics. The campus itself is worth a visit for it's modernist architecture, which has been recognized by the American Institute of Architects and is listed on the National Registrar of Historic Places. 
  • Kayaking and sailing
    There are a number of local outfitters who rent kayaks or, for the experienced sailor, sailboats. It is also possible to take chartered tours of Penobscot Bay.
  • Acadia National Park
    Acadia offers many options for outdoor adventure: camping, swimming, climbing, hiking and biking on historic stone carriage routes. From Acadia there is also ferry service to Swans Island and the Cranberry Islands.
  • Isle Au Haut
    A small island community accessible only by boat, half of island is a part of Acadia National Park. A mail boat provides daily service to the island from Stonington, Deer Isle, a 25 minute drive from Edgehill.


We consider your presence at our wedding a gift in itself. For those of you who would like to give us the gift of some select household items, or contribute to our "Start an Amazing Furniture Business" fund, we are registered at Zola